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The terms and abbreviations used in this agreement are given below.

 1.Kıbrıs Tatil Transfer: Zaliha Kiraz web site.

 3.Visitor: A person or persons visiting the site for information purposes by reading the site without providing personal contact information.

 4.Customer: By entering the minimum information to use the site, an e-mail address and those entered to the site via this method and giving his/her personal or corporate information and service details of his/her own freewill.

 5.User: This is the general definition of all visitors and customers using the site.

1. Privacy: This site belong exclusively to Kıbrıs Tatil Transfer and Kıbrıs Tatil Transfer is responsible to protect the privacy of its users. In general, this confidentiality agreement applies to all collected and utilized user information by Kıbrıs Tatil Transfer. This confidentiality agreement express with the main lines the collected information and data types in this site by Kıbrıs Tatil Transfer and how to use and protect them. Kıbrıs Tatil Transfer confirms that all the rules written in this agreement will be realize in full. In this way, depending on the principles involved here, all information collected by Kıbrıs Tatil Transfer are protected carefully with strict safety and privacy measures by the related staff of Kıbrıs Tatil Transfer. But this responsibility is limited to the highest level of confidentiality provided under the conditions required by the internet environment. The site can contain liaisons links to the other sites in accordance with standards and having enough sensitive, belonging to the association, representative or subsidiary of Kıbrıs Tatil Transfer.  But Kıbrıs Tatil Transfer will not be responsible for the content or privacy of the related sites.

 2.confidentiality of personal information: By using the site, you accept that Kıbrıs Tatil Transfer and its linked company and representatives can collect and use your personal information obtained via this site. While you buy a service on the site you are responsible to provide correct information. If you do not provide us the correct information, the service to have from our web site could be interrupt. Kıbrıs Tatil Transfer will not be responsible for the inconvenience arrived because of the false or incorrect information provided from you and the malfunction of our web site because of these faulty information.

 3. Protection of your information shared with us: Kıbrıs Tatil Transfer lodges all data and personal information to be use the site or for the services in this site in secured servers, it uses, if any, diverse techniques for the protection of transmission of financial information.

Many forms and data environments you send us as information are protected by encryption.

The information and data you have entered are stored in our system as required by our services and within legally required time limits

4. In the course of time, Kıbrıs Tatil Transfer and related companies and / or representatives can send a small text file to your computer via the site. These are small data sent to your Internet browser by the site server and stored in your computer's memory. Small texts will not damage your system. With this application the repeated visits to the site will be get easy. You have the option to not accept the texts by changing your Internet browser's settings, or you can have your browser alert when a text is sent to your computer. If you reject texts, the applications you'll encounter on our site and other websites may be reduce and some features may not work as you wish. Kıbrıs Tatil Transfer is not responsible for these troubles and decreased applications.

 5.. Agreements Changes: This confidentially agreement is subject to changes. Kıbrıs Tatil Transfer will announce any change in the confidentially agreement via its site. All personal data transmitted to Kıbrıs Tatil Transfer via the site are subject to the conditions and rules of the confidentially agreement under its changed form.

 6. Contact us: If you wish to declare your view, to ask a question or to announce a violation of this confidentially agreement related in this confidentially agreement, you can write to [email protected]. Kıbrıs Tatil Transfer will take necessary steps to assure these demands. confidentially agreement will be valid from 01/01/2017.


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